ICD-10-CM Medical Coding Mnemonics Quiz

ICD-10-CM Medical Coding Mnemonics Expert Quiz

If you can score 5/5 on this ICD-10-CM Mnemonics Quiz, you’re a true medical coding mnemonics expert!

Find out if you are an expert or have room to improve by following these 2 simple steps:

  1. Take the short, 5-question quiz. You do not need to look up codes to answer these questions. It’s based on mnemonics and the first letter of the diagnosis code.
  2. See how you scored. You will immediately see your overall score, which measures your current mnemonics knowledge.

Start the Quiz!

If you discover that you are not a mnemonics expert after taking the quiz, be sure to read how to master ICD-10-CM codes by the chapter letters here and then come back and retake the quiz. You can take it as often as you wish.

** This quiz was updated on December 17, 2022. **

Are you an ICD-10-CM Mnemonics Expert?

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