A Totally Honest Review of the Medical Coding Review Blitz Course

my honest review of the medical coding review blitz course. A student is taking it.
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My Review of the Medical Coding Review Blitz

Are you looking for a way to pass your CPC certification exam? Are you confused about what questions will be on the exam? If you have taken a comprehensive medical coding course and are eager to take a first-rate CPC coding exam prep course, this review of the Medical Review Blitz might help you choose the right one.  

The Medical Coding Review Blitz is designed for people who want to take and pass the CPC certification exam confidently on the first attempt. It is the one I recommend to others preparing to sit for their CPC certification exam. 

It may not be the right choice for everyone, but hopefully, this review will help you determine if it is the best one for you.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry),

you can learn more about this specific course and what other students say about it.

What motivated me to enroll in the Medical Coding Review Blitz?

After receiving my associate degree in medical billing and coding in 2014, I began searching for an online course to help me prepare for the CPC certification exam. The school I had attended didn’t provide that, and others had told me that many prospective employers would only hire me if I were certified.

The only thing I knew about the certification exam at that point was that there would be 150 multiple-choice questions; I had 5 hours and 40 minutes to complete it, and it was an open-book exam. Note: Currently, the exam has a total of 100 questions, and the test taker has four hours to complete it.

To say I was feeling a bit overwhelmed is an understatement. I was determined to find a prep course — one that I could trust — to give me the necessary tools to ensure my passing. I had just taken a prep course from a different company for the CCS exam, and although I passed that exam, I did not feel well prepared.

I started participating in online discussion boards and saw that students who had taken the Medical Coding Review Blitz and other courses from CCO (Certification Coaching Organization) were talking them up in a big way. I watched some of CCO’s short videos on YouTube and was intrigued by “CCO’s 4 Step Process for Passing any AAPC Certification Exam.”

If you want to know about CCO’s proven process and how to pass, you may want to listen to this short, 2-minute video.

It didn’t take me long to determine that this was the right review course for me. Soon after, I enrolled in the Medical Coding Review Blitz (then called the CPC Review Blitz) and was excited to start.

Who developed the Medical Coding Review Blitz?

Laureen Jandroep, owner and manager of CCO (Certification Coaching Organization), developed the Medical Coding Review Blitz (and many other review blitzes). CCO is an online training company that helps new and seasoned medical coders, billers, and practice managers get certified and maintain their certification. The company has been in business since 1999.

What you will learn in the Review Blitz

I don’t want to give away all the secrets, but if you are not already CPC certified, I can assure you that you will learn a lot in this review course.

Two different purchase options are available: the Medical Coding Review Blitz (Package) and the Medical Coding Review Blitz (Component). Which option you choose will depend on your preference and your budget.

The Medical Coding Review Blitz (Package) and the Medical Coding Review Blitz (Component) provide 15 hours of online video training review on the subject matter that you can expect to see on the exam. It is a comprehensive review. Also included are test strategies so you know how to take and pass the exam.

Such topics covered are CPT, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, the coding guidelines, modifier use, and compliance and regulatory. Because most of the questions on the exam are on CPT, you can expect a large part of the review to be on the different sections of the CPT manual.

Access to the BHAT system is a large part of the course. The BHAT is Laureen Jandroep’s proprietary system that teaches you how to bubble, highlight, and annotate in your coding manuals. This aims to help you find the correct answers to the exam questions much quicker.

Other time management strategies include the art of skipping and the process of elimination technique. The art of skipping involves using the one-dot, two-dot method for those questions that are more difficult so you can come back to them later. On the other hand, the elimination technique helps you find the answers quicker by ruling out some of the answers.

The course aims to teach you how to finish the test with a passing score (70%). It is not about looking up individual codes in the Index and verifying them in the Tabular like in a real-life coding situation. There is no time for that. It is all about knowing the material and how best to tackle the test.

Suppose you enroll in the Medical Coding Review Blitz (Package). In this option, you get the 15-hour video training review mentioned above, a 20-hour video training review on ICD-10-CM, and a 60-question practice exam. This is the purchase option I chose.

The Medical Coding Review Blitz (CPT Only) does not include the ICD-10-CM review or the practice exam. Hence, this option is available at a lower price than the “Package.”

What I especially liked about the course

There are quite a few things about the course that I liked.

Convenient and flexible

The Medical Coding Review Blitz is an online video course that I could tune into when convenient and when I was in the right frame of mind to study. It was available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That meant I could work on it during the day, at night, or on weekends. The fact that I didn’t have to leave my house also appealed to me.

The course was available for nine months, giving me plenty of time to take breaks as needed.

A practical method of teaching

The instructors were enjoyable to listen to and knowledgeable and experienced. It was also quite apparent that they are passionate about what they teach. The material was presented practically and concisely without adding unnecessary information. This method made it very easy to follow. Furthermore, I’m a visual learner, so their teaching style suited me.

Must-have BHAT system and other time-saving strategies

The BHAT system was undoubtedly worth the effort. Without it, I know I wouldn’t have been able to find the correct answers to the exam questions in the time allotted. And just the process alone helped me learn so much. It also helped me in my daily coding after the exam.

Below is an example of what you can expect your coding manual to look like after you have bubbled, highlighted, and annotated. It is what my book looked like after I used the BHAT system on it in 2014. It’s not pretty, but it works.

And, yes, I still have it. It was so helpful that I couldn’t part with it.

Review of Medical Coding Review Blitz course and BHAT system
My CPT coding manual from 2014 after using CCO’s BHAT system.

The process of elimination technique and the art of skipping were both invaluable to my passing. Being able to rule out some of the answers before even reading the question and using the one-dot, two-dot method for the more difficult questions saved me so much time. I can’t stress how crucial these time-saving tips were to my success.

Excellent support through live webinars and private forum

The live webinars with the instructor were so beneficial. We could ask questions and get them answered. The private student forum was also a great way to talk to other students and share information. There was so much support available.

20 hours of ICD-10-CM video training review

Although the ICD-10-CM review was only offered in the “Package” purchase option, I was glad I chose this one. There were only about ten questions on ICD-10-CM, but I wasn’t willing to risk failure by not having this preparation.

Timed practice exams

The timed practice exams, without a doubt,” contributed to my success. I received the 60-question practice exam in the “Package” and purchased additional practice exams from CCO. A sample scantron form came with the course, so I could fill in the answers during the practice exams just as I would during the actual exam. During the course, I learned how critical it was to take the timed practice exams until I scored 85% or higher before moving on. That’s precisely what I did.

Again, if you want to see what other students have said about the Medical Coding Review Blitz after taking it, you can read their reviews here.

What some students may not like about the course

Nothing is perfect. If I write an honest”review,” I must point out any flaws you or someone else might find in the course. I will also give you my thoughts on these “flaws” based on my experience.

Not passing the exam on the first try

CCO’s Medical Coding Review Blitz is designed for students to pass the CPC certification exam on the first try. Not all students pass on the first attempt, and I was a little skeptical when I read this on their sales page.

But, being the rule follower I tend to be, I was determined to do everything as instructed. For this reason, I proceeded only when I had accomplished the task. I did not take the certification exam until I was ready and received an 80 to 85% on the timed practice exams.

Some students may be unable to continue practicing and preparing for the exam until they score 80 to 85%. They have scheduled the exam, are determined to take it on that date, and hope for the best. Or they aren’t timing themselves while taking the practice exams. Unfortunately, this can result in not passing on the first attempt.

Therefore, based on my experience, CCO delivered on its promise. My firm belief is that if you take the necessary steps to progress through the course as intended, you, too, will pass the exam on the first try. Any shortcuts will probably end up in a failing score.

The tedious task of bubbling and highlighting

Another problem you or others may have is that the process of bubbling and highlighting can be monotonous. Yes, I agree. Some have even asked if they could buy a coding manual with the bubbling and highlighting already done for them. I haven’t heard anyone is selling the manuals with the bubbling and highlighting already done. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to students getting ready to take the exam if I had.

The whole point of the BHAT is to help you learn how to find the correct answers during the exam as quickly and easily as possible. Not doing this would defeat the purpose.

And you know what they say about success? Anything in life worth having is worth working for.


If you are unhappy about having to purchase another course, I understand that. Like me, you may have already spent much money on a solid coding course. And now you find out you need one more to prepare for the certification exam? Probably so unless you enrolled in a solid coding course that includes a review course like CCO offers.

Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish here. It’s often worth it to spend a bit extra money to get what you need — in this case, your certification.

For me, going in to take the exam without a practical review course was not an option. I felt I needed to pass the certification exam the first time and improve my income. And I didn’t have time to waste. I could either pay for a quality review course like the Medical Coding Review Blitz, take another review course of lesser quality from a different company, or take no review course. Making the wrong choice could result in a failing exam score.

And if I failed, that could mean I might need to spend more money to re-enroll in the Review Blitz (or another course), possibly have to pay more money to retake the exam, and risk a loss of wages due to not being able to find a coding job.

So, consider this when making your decision.

Who is this course for?

Courses are created to serve a particular audience; therefore, I cannot say this course is perfect for everyone. Nonetheless, I would recommend this course to anyone who:

  • has successfully completed a solid coding course program and needs to pass the CPC certification exam
  • has taken the exam and needs to take it again
  • wants the flexibility of taking the video course online at their own pace at any time of day or night
  • is self-motivated and wants to learn from a top-notch, reputable company that genuinely cares about the student’s success

Who is this course not for?

I would not recommend this course to anyone who:

  • has not successfully completed a solid medical coding course program
  • does not enjoy learning through online videos from their home or another location of their choosing
  • does not think they need the information and strategies taught in this course
  • is not motivated to put in the necessary work to pass the exam

What is the price of the course and is it worth it?

The Medical Coding Review Blitz (Package) is regularly priced at $199. As I said, this price includes the 15 hours of video training, the 20 hours of video training on ICD-10-CM, and the 60-question practice exam.

The Medical Coding Review Blitz (CPT Only) is regularly priced at $149. This price includes the 15 hours of video training minus the 20 hours of video training on ICD-10-CM and the practice exam.

Considering what you get in this course, the value is there no matter which option you choose. I would not hesitate to purchase the “Package” again. So, yes, the Review Blitz is worth the cost!

The price for these options is often discounted. When that happens, you are getting a heck of a deal! (Check current price)

Did the course improve my knowledge of the subject and help me pass the exam?

Without hesitation, YES! I came away from the course with a good grasp of the material and was able to pass the certification exam on my first attempt. It also gave me great confidence, which I lacked before I took the course.

As a side note, and since I’m being completely straightforward here, CCO and their Medical Coding Review Blitz made such an impression that I even went to work for them for a while after getting certified. This fact still did not sway my opinion of the review course.

Final verdict on the Medical Coding Review Blitz

Although I have not taken other CPC review courses, I did some research online at the time and did not find another class that enticed me. My research today shows that some companies offer a much shorter review course than CCO for about the same price or even higher. Some offer the review online or in person but only on certain days and times. I cannot speak to the quality of these other courses since I haven’t seen them.

As I said before, CCO is a well-established and well-regarded company. The self-paced, comprehensive training you get in the Medical Coding Review Blitz is of the highest quality. You can’t beat the value. I think many other review courses must have left out some topics covered in this course. You owe it to yourself to do your homework and choose the best path to success.

As for me, on a 5-point scale, I have to give the Medical Coding Review Blitz a 5.

five gold stars

If you have taken the course, what were your thoughts on it? Please share your comments below.

review of the medical coding review blitz course
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  1. Thank you Debbie. I had already seen some of their videos on Youtube and have been using the BHAT system with some of my codes. They seem very knowledgeable and practical.

  2. Debbie, thank you for a complete overview of this review system, it sounds wonderful!
    I am finishing my basic coding classes (online) and starting on the intermediate portion; my question about the BHAT system is this: are we able to put marks/highlighting, etc. in our coding books? I was told that the manuals will be checked for notes, marks, etc. before the testing begins since they are not allowed. Can you confirm this?

    1. Hi Joni,

      You’re very welcome. Yes, you are allowed to bubble and highlight and annotate in your manuals anything related to coding activities. That is totally acceptable. You can’t write any notes in the manuals pertaining to practice exam questions, study guide questions, or the exam itself. Tabs are allowed and can be taped, stapled, or pasted into the books. Post-it notes, however, are not allowed. The proctor will check for these things before your start the exam.

      I hope this helps.

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