Bertha Guilty: External Cause Code for Bitten By Cow

Have you been gnawed on lately by Bertha or her sister? These girls can be brutal! And if you had to see a doctor about it, a medical coder may have assigned an external cause code for bitten by cow. This code would help tell the story of the primary diagnosis. External Cause Code for […]

What Does a Cardiologist Do (and Not Do)? Learn the Truth

What Is a Cardiologist? What is a cardiologist, and what does a cardiologist do? Is it a doctor who hands out cards? “Cardiologist” does start with “card”.  So it makes sense that this profession involves cards, right? No, not exactly. Okay, NO, not at all! The truth is, a cardiologist is a physician who specializes in […]

When Pigs Fly Doesn’t Matter To Your Success in Medical Coding

It’s really true! When Pigs Fly Doesn’t Matter To Your Success in Medical Coding. What is Success in Medical Coding? Success is all about failing until you make the impossible possible! And that goes for success in medical coding. We have all had self-doubt, and we have taken breaks from our studying when we probably shouldn’t […]

You Might Be A Medical Coder If…

Jokes aside, this has happened to me many times — I have gone to sleep dreaming about medical coding. And this may have been the case for you too! Especially after spending your days studying for a coding exam or coding patients’ medical charts all day. Either way, medical coding may be your passion! Or […]