Medical Terminology Challenge: Excessive Hunger

Which of the following medical terms means excessive hunger? A. Hyperglycemia B. Polydipsia C. Dysphagia D. Polyphagia Answer: D. Polyphagia Polyphagia, also known as hyperphagia, is pronounced pol-ee-FAY-jee-ah, and is excessive or extreme hunger. Broken down into its word parts, poly- means many; -phagia means eating.   Unlike the increased appetite that may occur after physical […]

Medical Terminology Colors: Take the Challenge

Do you know your medical terminology colors? Take the challenge to find out. The only person who shall shape your future is you. Good luck! An abnormal dark brown or brown-black pigmentation that occurs in such structures as the skin, hair, or vascular membrane of the eye. Poliomyelitis Cyanosis Erythrocyte Melanosis Answer: D. Melanosis All […]

Condition of the Fallopian Tube: Medical Terminology Challenge

Which of the following terms relates to an accumulation of pus in a fallopian tube? Pyosalpinx Polycystic ovary syndrome Endometriosis Vaginitis Answer: A. Pyosalpinx Pyosalpinx (pye-oh-Sal-pinks) is a condition in which the fallopian tube fills up and swells with pus, according to The fallopian tube is part of the female reproductive system that joins […]

Medical Terminology Challenge: Otitis Media

Use your knowledge to take the multiple-choice Medical Terminology Challenge on otitis media. Select the best answer and then compare your answer to the answer and rationale provided. Which of the following statements are true as they relate to otitis media?  Serous otitis media often occurs in adults and involves a fluid buildup in the external […]