Identify Hypothermia and Correctly Report Diagnoses in ICD-10-CM

Learn how to identify hypothermia and assign the appropriate ICD-10-CM codes here. Love this article? Spread the word! My Uncle Jim lives in Maine where the winters get exceptionally cold. Last year he needed to save some money, so he turned his heat down to 62 degrees. That decision almost cost him his life. When […]

Coding For Multiple E/M Services and an Injection

How strong are you at coding for multiple E/M services? Test your knowledge and see if you can determine the right way to code this scenario. Hint: There are CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10-CM codes needed.      Question:  A 51-year old female patient is seen for a follow-up visit for her seronegative rheumatoid arthritis that […]

Diabetes Mellitus

  Answer: B. E11.9, E66.01, Z68.41 Locate and Verify Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes mellitus codes are combination codes that include the type of diabetes mellitus, the body system affected, and the complications affecting that body system. In the Alphabetic Index, look up Diabetic, type 2  E11.9. Then go to this code in the Tabular. We […]

Making Assumptions About Hypertension and Heart Disease in ICD-10-CM

If you understand the FY 2021 ICD-10-CM coding guidelines involving causal relationships and the word “with” in the Alphabetic Index of the ICD-10-CM coding manual, coding for hypertension and heart disease in ICD-10-CM should not be difficult. Question:  Patient has congestive heart failure due to hypertension. Assign the ICD-10-CM code(s). Answer: I11.0, I50.9 Hypertension is another […]