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Debbie Jones, CPC, CCA

Hi, my name is Debbie. Welcome to my blog!

Want to learn what medical coding is all about, if it’s right for you, or if it gives you that fire in the belly?

Are you a medical coding student preparing to eventually sit for your CPC certification exam and need additional information to help you succeed?

Great. Because that’s precisely what I help people with around here.

My Blog Is Geared Towards:

  • Career seekers wanting to find out if they have the personality and skills to make an excellent medical coder.
  • Medical coding students who are looking for helpful information to enhance their education.
  • New coders who may need to brush up on a topic and/or may be getting ready to prepare for a certification exam.
  • Anyone else who may be looking for specific information about medical coding or who may just enjoy hanging out here.

If you have ever struggled with questions like these:

  • What is medical coding all about and is it a good fit for me?
  • What is ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT, and HCPCS?
  • What courses do I need to take and where do I take them?
  • Why do I need to be certified, and what kind of certification do I need?
  • AAPC or AHIMA? Oh my!
  • Medical coding vs. billing – What’s the difference?
  • How do I handle the stress over this upcoming exam?
  • What is pleural mesothelioma and how do I code for it?
  • How do I get a job after I get certified?

You’ve come to the right place.

Why did I create this blog, you ask?

It’s quite simple really. When I started my education in medical coding, I had so many questions along the way (Heck, I still have questions), and I was fortunate to have so many wonderful people help me when I needed it. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I am also thankful for the needed inspiration and motivation I was given when I was having a moment, or many moments, of frustration while studying for a course or certification exam.

For this reason, I created Medical Coding Buff.

Why the name “Medical Coding Buff,” you ask? Because I consider myself an enthusiast, nut, fan, devotee of all things related to medical coding. Hence, “Buff”. And I believe that most of the rest of you see yourself as a Medical Coding Buff as well.

I truly believe in paying it forward. So, if I can help you by sharing my experiences and some of the lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn in order to keep you from making some of the same mistakes, I want to do that. If it’s through inspiration, coding tips, healthcare articles, I’m all in.

Healthcare and medical coding makes me happier than I ever imagined, and I want to give that same feeling to YOU.

My Background

I received my A.S. degree in Medical Billing and Coding from CTU-O and graduated with highest honors. I then earned my CCA, CPC-A, and HCS-D credentials. What I probably loved the most in my coding courses was the task of researching and writing all those papers on such topics as Alzheimer’s, Code of Ethics, and HIPAA, to name a few. And I still have an enthusiasm for researching and writing about healthcare-related topics today.

My recent past experience includes writing exam questions for CertificationCoachingOrg (CCO) and CodeProU. Currently, I write medical coding articles for various magazines/websites in the industry, such as BC Advantage and JustCoding, when I am not busy writing for my own blog.

Want to know more about me?

  • I’m an identical twin.
  • I’ve been married for 37 years – to the same person.
  • I have 2 grown sons and a daughter-in-law.
  • I’m an animal lover and have 2 cats named Chipper and Chaz. Before that, we had 2 dogs named Diamond and Bob (I thought we had enough Bob’s in the family with my dad and brother). Diamond and Bob are resting comfortably in heaven.
  • I like to pretend I’m an interior decorator and am constantly changing my home decor.
  • I can be quite silly and crazy. Just ask my sisters and close friends.

Now it’s your turn!

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If you need to contact me personally, complete the form below, and I will do my best to help you. Please allow up to 48 business hours for a response.