7 Benefits of Medical Crossword Puzzles

Do you want to get more from your medical coding education? You can learn more while having fun with medical crossword puzzles.

benefits of medical crossword puzzles in medical coding

Medical Crossword Puzzles

Learning doesn’t have to put you to sleep.

There is no question that medical coding can be a challenge and difficult to learn at times. But there are ways to make it more exciting!

Crossword puzzles have been used by medical students for a long time.

And there is no reason why medical coding students cannot benefit from them as well.

Crossword puzzles can help you learn such topics as medical terminology and anatomy and give you a good grasp of medical coding concepts.

Did you know?

Research shows that PowerPoint lectures provided in most medical schools all over the world:

  • are a passive way to learn
  • boring to students
  • provide less retention of information and less motivation in learning

It’s TRUE, according to the International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences.

Studies also show that incorporating active learning activities such as games and puzzles result in much more effective stimulation of the students’ cognitive functions.

There are so many ways to learn and take in information. Crossword puzzles appeal to visual learners, as well as auditory and kinesthetic learners.

Benefits of Medical Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles have several benefits:

  1. Enhance your critical thinking
  2. Develop your communication skills
  3. Reinforce the material provided in the lecture
  4. Increase motivation and evokes interest
  5. Help in learning new terminology
  6. Help in exam preparation
  7. Provide a simple, creative, and effective means to incorporate active learning into a number of medical courses

Because of these 7 reasons, I have created the crossword puzzles on my Resources page and will continue to add new crossword puzzles on a regular basis. All you need to do is subscribe and get free access that opens the door to many additional freebies!

You will find crossword puzzles related to medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, CPT procedure coding, ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding, and more.

Go ahead! I dare you to have fun while you’re learning!

benefits of medical crossword puzzles

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