Coding For Pectoralis Major Muscle Tears In ICD-10

Coding for pectoralis major muscle tears In ICD-10 is not difficult once you understand that a pectoral major muscle tear is classified as a strain and that the pectoral major muscle is located in the thorax. Although pectoralis major muscle tears are rare, they are becoming more common as more¬†individuals participate in physical exercise and […]

ICD-10-CM Coding for Social Determinants of Health (Z55-Z65)

Coding for social determinants of health (Z55-Z65) can be quite challenging. Learn about these potential health hazards, how to code for them in ICD-10-CM, and the coding guidelines specific to SDOH Z code reporting.¬† Our health is determined by the way we take care of ourselves and the healthcare we receive from our physicians. There […]