3 Reasons To Know Medical Terminology

Scratching your head over medical terminology? Learn the 3 reasons to know medical terminology if you’re a medical coder or have thoughts of being one.   Having a strong grasp of medical terminology is not just for physicians and nurses. Medical coders and billers need to understand it as well. In fact, anyone who works in […]

When Pigs Fly Doesn’t Matter To Your Success in Medical Coding

It’s really true! When Pigs Fly Doesn’t Matter To Your Success in Medical Coding. What is Success in Medical Coding? Success is all about failing until you make the impossible possible! And that goes for success in medical coding. We have all had self-doubt, and we have taken breaks from our studying when we probably shouldn’t […]

Depression With Anxiety and Thoughts of Suicide in ICD-10

Depression can be a big problem in not only adults but in children and adolescents as well. This coding scenario involves assigning the appropriate codes for depression with anxiety and thoughts of suicide in ICD-10.  Question:  A 16-year-old male who has been seeing his physician for anxiety and depression for a few years has become highly […]