Screening Colonoscopy With Polyp Removal Coding

Learn the definition of a screening colonoscopy, instructions for coding a screening colonoscopy with polyp removal in CPT and ICD-10-CM, and the appropriate use of modifier 33.   Question:  A 60-year-old female patient presents to the outpatient surgery area for a screening colonoscopy. She has no signs or symptoms, nor any personal or family history of […]

Possible Brain Herniation May Require Ventricular Puncture

Brain herniation is a serious and often fatal problem that requires immediate medical care. Therefore, when a patient presents with possible brain herniation, a surgeon may elect to perform a ventricular puncture to drain cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).  Question:  Patient is brought to the operating room with possible brain herniation. The surgeon performs a ventricular puncture […]

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect In Medical Coding

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Practice Makes Perfect.”  Well, I’m here to tell you that practice does NOT make perfect. Instead, “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect,” according to Vince Lombardi. And that goes for just about anything. Hence, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect in Medical Coding.   Don’t get me wrong. Practice is important. But practicing medical coding […]

7 Benefits of Medical Crossword Puzzles

Do you want to get more from your medical coding education? You can learn more while having fun with medical crossword puzzles. Medical Crossword Puzzles Learning doesn’t have to put you to sleep. There is no question that medical coding can be a challenge and difficult to learn at times. But there are ways to […]